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On this page we will post messages and recipes about Spanish food and Spanish food culture. Eating together with family or friends is very important in Spain. Whether at home or outside the home. Furthermore, having dinner in a restaurant is Spain even more common than in northern European countries. If you are in Spain, you will regularly see daily menus offered at various restaurants for a price between ten and fifteen euros. Then it also becomes very attractive to visit a restaurant.

You will find many restaurants on the Costa Blanca. And not just with Spanish food. Many people from outside Spain have settled here over the years. A number of these foreigners have started a restaurant with the cuisine of their country of origin. A number of (foreign) restaurant owners have an international menu and are inspired by Spanish cuisine, among other things. It is not always easy for tourists to discover in which restaurant you can find the real Spanish cuisine.

While you are on holiday in Spain, you may also want to try making a Spanish dish yourself. After all, the supermarkets, such as the Mercadona, are full of delicious ingredients to prepare a delicious meal. You should definitely do that if you have a kitchen at your holiday address. But where do to start if you don’t have any recipes? Of course you can search on the internet and hopefully you will end up on our site. You can also make good use of our recipes when you are at home in your own country. We bring some Spain to your home. Many Spanish products can also be found in Northern Europe at the better stocked supermarkets.

In short, in this blog you will find recipes, but also tips where you can eat well on the Costa Blanca. And if you would like to learn to prepare a paella, do not hesitate to contact us. Tasty Spanish food starts at PaellaCostaBlanca.

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