The paella

Icon of the Spanish gastronomy

Paella is a icon of the Spanish gastronomy. This dish has its origine in Valencia. Rice is the base of this dish, along with other, various ingredients. The most popular paellas are “montaƱa”, “mar” or “mixed”. This dish is prepared in a special pan. Moreover the cooking of a paella is a family or social event. On sundays and on holidays is eating this food a very popular activity with family or friends.

The offer

Paella Costa Blanca can offer you and your group a workshop at your house. After the workshop you’ll be eating the paella together with your family or friends. Your holiday at the Costa Blanca isn’t complete without getting to know the Spanish culture and the Spanish kitchen. We speak several languages. Therefore it’s also possible to practice your knowledge of the Spanish language during the workshop. If you don’t feel like cooking yourself, no problem, we also have the option that we’ll cook for you at your house. Anyway, you don’t have to visit a restaurant for a delicious meal. For our services and prices, please click here.

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